The Diabetes epidemic - A Natural Approach

Read more: The Diabetes epidemic - A... Diabetes is classed as either type 1 or type 2. Type one diabetes is a condition, generally acquired at a very young age, where the body looses the ability to produce insulin. Type 2 diabetes is a condition acquired when the body’s cells become less sensitive to insulin creating insulin resistance.

Herbal Medicines Help Digestive Problems Better Than Drugs

Read more: Herbal Medicines Help... There is some fresh research validating the efficacy of Herbal Medicine for digestive health. Though the researchers talk about Japanese herbal medicines the herbs used in the research are widely used in Western Herbal Medicine for a long time now and i use them on a daily basis in my clinic

Ginkgo Biloba An excellent herb

Read more: Ginkgo Biloba  An excellent... A medical herbalist would prescribe Ginkgo for the following: to increase blood flow, tissue oxygenation and tissue nutrition, platelet-activation factor (PAF) antagonism, as an antioxidant i.e. prevention of membrane damage caused by free radicals, enhances memory and cognitive function, especially in the elderly, and its use is associated with an increase in longevity

New study shows herbal medicine has protective effect for people with haemochromatosis

Read more: New study shows herbal...

A new study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition July 2010, tested an extract of St Mary’s thistle seed for its ability in binding iron and thereby reducing non-haem iron absorption.

The fix is phlebotomy, where blood is drawn off the person, generally a few times a year. For some time there have been anecdotal reports of reduced requirements for maintenance phlebotomy in hereditary haemochromatosis patients taking St Mary’s thistle (Silybum marianum) extract.

Herbal Medicine Treatment and Prevention for Coronavirus

Read more: Herbal Medicine Treatment... Whether the novel corona virus(COVID-19) is zoonotic and came from bats or manmade and came from a lab, it is a particularly virulent strain and needs to be taken seriously. The following is a list of the best herbal medicines to take for prevention and treatment for Coronavirus

8 Natural Treatments To Reduce High Blood Pressure

Read more: 8 Natural Treatments To... Elevated blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart attack and is generally regarded as the greatest risk factor for stroke. It is very important to normalize high blood pressure to maintain good health and prevent disease. Thankfully Herbal Medicine has very effective treatment for people with high blood pressure.

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